How Brands, from Startups to Fortune 500s, Can Use XR in the Workplace


The term “metaverse” has become the latest corporate buzzword, but how will virtual reality truly integrate into our professional lives?

To answer this question, think back to the late 90s: commercial internet access shrunk the world and established a new playing field for companies to facilitate team interaction, marketing, and product distribution.

Today, executives have a similar opportunity to transform their business’ operations and engage with customers in an immersive environment via the metaverse.

Opening up endless possibilities for communication, collaboration, morale and workplace culture, VR enables coworkers to catch up, watch a presentation, and brainstorm in an array of immersive settings without ever leaving home.

Join Andrew Hawken, CEO and Co-Founder of Mesmerise, and Leslie Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer at Mesmerise, as they discuss how companies can embrace VR for enhanced hybrid work environments. They'll also address the practicality of the medium and current tech limitations.


Head of Customer Solutions , Mesmerise
Chief Marketing Officer , Mesmerise

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Co-Founder , AWE and Super Ventures
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Clinical training has advanced over the years, and now with the adoption of technology we are able to accelerate human capability via precision simulation using virtual reality (VR) and as a result, advance pre-human competence in surgery and additional clinical environments to improve patient outcomes.

Haptic technology enables users to develop the knowledge of how it feels to perform a procedure correctly or incorrectly – helping to build muscle memory that is particularly important in advanced and precise surgical environments.

This session will discuss the value of Immersive VR and haptic technology environments and experiences that facilitate skills development and transfer, allowing medical device manufacturers to improve access and accelerate procedure and product adoption.

The session will cover the growing body of scientific evidence which demonstrates the value of VR vs. traditional training across various specialties. It will also provide real life case study examples of companies that implemented immersive VR training successfully and showed improvement in patient care while demonstrating significant ROI.


CEO, Co-Founder , FundamentalVR
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Learning & Development Manager , Takeda
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Senior Digital Strategist , Booz Allen Hamilton
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Join the CDC NIOSH development team and supporting Booz Allen cast to dive into their journey of developing, expanding, and evaluating VR Mine Rescue Training, an immersive platform which leverages virtual reality to enhance realism, address logistical challenges, and improve target decision making for first responders and beyond.


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