Using AR Mirrors and XR for Offline to Drive Fashion, Beauty, and FMCG Retail Sales


Subtitle: A practical manual for blending physical and digital experiences in brand communication.

In the age of Digital Fashion, Beauty, and the Metaverse, it's crucial to distinguish effective instruments that drive sales from non-scalable hype bubbles. Experience has shown that the so-called Metaverse is not entirely about virtual worlds but about blending real-life experiences and digital content.

This talk covers:

- analysis of our new cases at the intersection of XR and offline - AR Mirrors for Mugler and Semi-digital Clothing collection for Bershka

- review of concrete outcomes that we received - awareness, audience engagement, and sales growth

- the best and proven to be effective XR setups for offline and practical manual for their implementation

Attendees will also learn essential, immediate action steps to take advantage of XR for offline and receive measurable and substantial sales growth.


Co-founder/CEO , FFFACE.ME

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