How to Design, Finance, & Release a VR Game in an Ever-Changing Ecosystem

Jun 1

03:00 PM - 03:55 PM


It was recently announced that the Quest Store has made over $1.5 billion on sales of games and apps. With new headsets coming into the market steadily, how do VR game creators adapt to the ever-expanding VR ecosystem? New technologies that greatly affect game feel are released on a regular basis, such as hand tracking, haptics in headsets, mixed reality etc. How can creators stay ahead of the curve when designing a game that won't be released for months or years? Despite the fact that the player base expands and potential for ROI improves, there are still only a few active publishers in the VR space - who are they, and what are they looking for? Is self-publishing of VR titles sustainable?


CMO & Head of Publishing , Beyond Frames Entertainment AB (publ)
Co-Founder and President , Resolution Games
VR Marketing and Community , Consultant
President, Co-Founder , Coven
VP of Business Development, Strategy and Partnerships , Atlas V

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