Limber, Inclusive, and Resilient Teams: Art, Technology, and Practice

May 31

04:00 PM - 04:55 PM


A healthy creative ecosystem, with diverse technologists and artists working in a wide variety of modes and methodologies, is absolutely critical to our cultural climate. It also makes better art, and better products.

Interdisciplinarity requires flexibility to build collaborative trust and to merge or understand the possibilities of practical capabilities like technologies and instruments, and others' creative and technical expertise.

Limber connective tissue is needed for interdisciplinary practice and may take some warming up, or time to learn new creative language or workflows. Opportunity for creative frictions and cross-pollination can bring inspiration toward new pursuits, or nourish existing practice. Meaningful inclusivity takes thoughtfulness.

In this panel, we will discuss some challenges and strategies for functional creative and technical interdisciplinary collaboration.


Director, Interdisciplinary Program , Sundance Institute
Director , Creator
Dir. of Interdisciplinary Arts Programs / Stanford Arts Incubator , Stanford University
Director of Digital Development , Royal Shakespeare Company

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