How Emotion AI is Unlocking the Power of Trust and Judgement

Jun 2

01:30 PM - 01:55 PM


Facial. Vocal. Verbal. Human conversations are complex. Many factors are at work when we speak, including our facial expressions, tone of voice and word choice. Today, companies are operating in a more globalized and virtualized world than ever before. It can be challenging to accurately understand the conversations needed to establish business-critical relationships. The stakes are high – reading a situation incorrectly can lead to miscommunication, confusion and ultimately, the erosion of trust.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms that draw from an ever-expanding database of emotional cues, Multimodal Emotional AI fuses data from all modalities (face, voice, words) together, helping to overcome the relationship challenge. By capturing the complex messages conveyed through emotional cues, we’re now able to identify key moments that influence sentiment and engagement as well as emotional intelligence (EQ) factors that build trust and empathy. It’s like having a coach sensing even the most subtle emotions in the room and making real-time recommendations on how to create the best possible human connection.

Drawing on real-world examples, Umesh Sachdev, Co-founder and CEO of Uniphore will describe how behavioral science and Emotional AI are helping to close the divide between humans and machines to drive deep and meaningful connections built on trust. Umesh will also discuss the potential applications for this technology and how it is being used to derive value from critical conversations across the enterprise.

And, make every conversation count.


Co-Founder and CEO , Uniphore

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