Avatars, Environments & Self-Expression - from Social VR to Cross-Reality Experiences

Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


VR and AR tools have provided numerous ways to align and expand the physical and virtual, and our interpersonal interactions can be shaped by these experiences. New research from StanfordVR has provided additional context to our learnings about avatars and virtual environments. Whether you are a developer, artist or stakeholder, come discuss the latest with our panel of industry leaders, researchers, artists, and visionaries.

A variety of perspectives will be taken into account, from philosophy to AI-generated content, platforms, avatar embodiment, and ethics. Based on audience questions, the group will also cover cross-reality methods for training, entertainment, and personal development as takeaways for creating effective and memorable experiences.


Founder , Ink & Paint
Mixed Reality Technologist , Dulce Dotcom
Graduate Research Fellow , Stanford University
XR Producer & Director , Dimension Adventures

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The meteoric rise of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and other generative AI platforms along with nearly weekly innovations in generative AI research have demonstrated to the public that generative AI is highly capable of creating conversational text, photo-realistic images, believable synthetic audio, 3D digital assets and much more.
The Metaverse will be a global scale 3D immersive environment, and generative AI will be the key technology to building and operating it. Whether used to generate 3D assets, avatars and scenes from audio prompts or used with autonomous agents who will operate storefronts or customer service with human-like conversational AI, there are nearly limitless applications for generative AI in the Metaverse.
But what are the implications of generative AI in The Metaverse? Are there practical use cases for businesses and creators? Will generative AI create a power imbalance? Will it fuel the creator economy? Can generative AI be used to protect privacy, security and safety in the Metaverse? Will toxic behavior be amplified with its misuse? How can we use generative AI in The Metaverse for good?
This talk will discuss applications of generative AI in the Metaverse including the use of generative deep learning and deep reinforcement learning and their use cases. The talk will also touch on the potential ethical and legal issues along with the business opportunities for those who embrace AI in The Metaverse and the risks of not doing so.


Director, Generative AI Commons , Linux Foundation