The Great Debate: Should College Be Virtual


The promise of VR as the answer to what ails education has been widely touted. Yes, it's immersive and engaging, but do students retain what they learn, and is it a viable scalable alternative?

Welcome to the great debate. Team VR will feature Steve Grubbs, CEO of Victory XR which has already created digital twins for 12 university campuses. Team No VR features John Katzman as an American Ed-tech pioneer s an American EdTech pioneer. He has established numerous companies which assist students with their studies and career choices, including Princeton Review, 2U, and Noodle Partners. But he is not a fan of VR for education. The audience will be persuaded and vote for one side or another in this important debate. Moderated by Robin Raskin, longtime journalist, educator and events creator.


CEO , VictoryXR
Founder , Virtual Events Group
CEO , Noodle

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