Sasha Zabegalin
Self-Expression Technologist Sasha Zabegalin

Meet Sasha Zabegalin, a Self-Expression Technologist at the forefront of redefining personal and digital identities through the lens of emerging technologies. Born in the year 2000, Sasha's life has evolved hand-in-hand with pivotal technological advancements—from the boom of social media to the smartphone revolution, and now, the era of AI and Spatial Computing.

With an academic foundation in Human-Computer Interaction and a combined expertise in Computer Science and Mathematics from UC San Diego and Community College, Sasha stands out as a visionary in digital identity and the technological future. His work, deeply rooted in AI, Augmented Reality, and Digital Fashion, aims to unlock new dimensions of self-expression, transcending the physical boundaries that have traditionally defined us.

Sasha’s collaborations with tech behemoths like Meta, Snapchat, and Dress X, alongside accolades from academic circles including UC San Diego, underscore his role as a trusted consultant and innovator. With projects spotlighted by tech industry giants and prestigious academic institutions and a portfolio that includes viral AR filters captivating millions, Sasha stands at the forefront of defining the next era of self-expression and identity.

Join him in imagining a future where our self-expression is no longer limited by physical reality.