Leveling Up 3D E-Commerce


E-commerce is the beachhead of the metaverse. Virtual try-on, AR and 3D room design tools, and a rising marketplace for purely digital items are changing both how people shop and what they shop for. Built for interoperability and optimized for web-based applications, the glTF standard remains the best transmission solution for multi-platform e-commerce assets – but to meet the challenges of the open metaverse, it must evolve. The open glTF standard, the “JPEG of 3D,” was built to meet the need for interoperability, and it is evolving to address the next generation of e-commerce use cases.

In this session, members of the asset creation and retail communities will discuss the gaps between the built-in capabilities and attributes of the most common 3D asset format, and current and emerging e-commerce requirements. We’ll examine use cases and discuss the challenges of current approaches. Finally, we’ll explore new extensions under development for glTF, including interactivity, behaviors, and the ability to assemble multiple assets into a single scene. Our panelists will share demonstrations of the kinds of experiences retailers will soon be able to offer cross-platform. You’ll leave inspired, with new ideas for your e-commerce platform and strategies to implement them using cost-efficient, interoperable standards-based assets.


Chief Creative Officer (CCO) , London Dynamics
CEO, Co-Founder , VNTANA
Vice Chair of 3D Commerce , Khronos Group

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