Building a Human-Centric Metaverse

Jun 2

12:45 PM - 01:10 PM


Join us for an illuminating fireside chat with Christopher Lafayette and Emmy Award Winning Journalist Lisa Bernard. They will venture into the dynamic world of the Metaverse, more specifically, Christopher’s brainchild, GatherVerse.

As a vanguard of virtual reality and a visionary in emerging technologies, Christopher Lafayette has dedicated his career to building bridges between humanity and the digital universe. His pioneering work with GatherVerse demonstrates a profound commitment to creating inclusive, accessible, and ethically-conscious digital spaces. In this discussion, he will share his thoughts on how we can foster a more equitable Metaverse that respects privacy and promotes wellness.

Renowned for her incisive interviewing style, Lisa Bernard will engage Christopher in a deep dive into the myriad considerations that inform the development of a human-centric Metaverse. Their conversation will explore ethics, AI, and the importance of striking a balance between technological advancement and human values.

In this era of rapid technological evolution, safety, privacy, and accessibility remain paramount. Christopher and Lisa will shed light on these critical issues, drawing on their extensive experience to offer valuable insights for the benefit of our digital community.

Whether you're an educator striving to harness the power of the Metaverse for learning or a technologist keen to ensure the ethical deployment of AI, this fireside chat promises to deliver thought-provoking perspectives and actionable insights.

Join us at AWE to learn how we can shape the Metaverse to uphold the tenets of community development, equity, and education while meeting the technological demands of our future.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the conversation with two industry thought-leaders as they explore the crucial intersection of humanity and emerging technologies in building a human-centric Metaverse.


Host/Producer , GatherVerse
Founder , GatherVerse

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