Sustainability for Real(ity): "God Mode" for the Earth with XR

Jun 2

02:25 PM - 03:10 PM


In the gaming industry, "God Mode" is a special code that makes the players invincible in the virtual world. And today, In the real world, there is no character in more need of invincibility than Earth - the sustainability of communities, natural resources, and wildlife within it.

One of the debates in recent Sustainability forums has been the extent to which the massive digitalization of people, processes, and technology during the pandemic has proved a bountiful benefit or dramatic detriment to the planet. And the XR industry has been a major beneficiary of this accelerated digitalization and has the opportunity to demonstrate how the industry and total ecosystem (be that Metaverse, Blockchain, etc) will positively contribute to REAL Sustainability outcomes.

This critical panel will explore where and how XR can meaningfully impact climate-positive and social-forward initiatives and enterprises, and put the Earth in God-Mode - before it's too late (ie, "Game Over").


Sustainable Capital & Innovation Advisor, Co-Founder , Kenzen
Group Vice President, New Ventures & Innovation , NTT
Sr. Advisor Digital Transformation | Sustainability , UN Environment Programme

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