Unlocking Real-Time Ray Tracing for Mixed Reality with NVIDIA Omniverse and Varjo

Jun 1

04:30 PM - 04:55 PM


Join NVIDIA and Varjo as we unveil the next giant leap in immersive computing.

Real-time ray tracing is the holy grail of 3D visualization, as it allows engineers, designers and creators to experience in high-fidelity 3D scenes and objects while seeing every reflection, shadow, and light as they would in real life. Before now, rendering true-to-life mixed reality scenes with real-time ray tracing has not been possible due to the graphically demanding compute requirements.

In this talk, for the first time, NVIDIA and Varjo will demonstrate real-time ray tracing capabilities in human-eye resolution mixed reality, with never-before-seen visual quality, due to combined technological breakthroughs from both companies. With NVIDIA’s Omniverse, the leading platform for 3D collaboration and workflows, and Varjo XR-3, the most immersive XR headset on the planet, users can unlock real-time ray tracing for mixed reality environments due to the combination of a powerful multi-GPU setup and Varjo’s photorealistic visual fidelity.

In a joint presentation, NVIDIA and Varjo will dive deep into the technical achievement and how this new level of mixed reality visualization can unlock unprecedented value for industrial metaverse users across design, engineering, entertainment, and virtual collaboration.


Director of Partnerships , Varjo Technologies
Immersive Lab Engineer / Visualization Specialist , General Motors
Sr Product Designer, Omniverse , NVIDIA

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