Breaking the Exclusion Cycle for Immersive Technologies with XR Access

Jun 2

09:00 AM - 09:25 AM


As immersive technologies take on greater roles in our training, education, and healthcare, excluding people with disabilities carries more legal and economic risk than ever before. We're trapped in a vicious cycle of exclusion that threatens to deepen inequity, limit XR's potential, and hurt your bottom line. But we can break free!

XR Access' Dylan Fox and Danielle Montour will share why accessibility is vital to the success of your application. You'll learn about the fundamental principles of codesign and modularity, the surprising link between accessibility and artificial intelligence, and best practices for addressing specific disabilities. Finally, you'll learn how XR Access has been working to end the cycle of exclusion.


Accessibility Researcher and Advocate , XR Access
Head of Community and Outreach , XR Access

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