Stellantis using VR to Transform Workers


Stellantis and have been creating new VR training programs to transform the effectiveness of their workers in concert with the UAW.

Virtual Reality training is perfectly suited to the complex Stellantis manufacturing environment. One of the main aims of their training is to reduce to zero the danger of personal accidents and expensive mistakes. VR allows for highly realistic simulation training, that is deeply engaging for learners.

The goals of the VR training program are:

• Improve training outcomes for workers
• Improve safety, quality and proficiency of workers
• Ultimately they want to use AR / VR to improve production outcomes
• drive proficiency, efficiency and quality
• create real time manufacturing aids

Umajin have created a powerful VR / AR Authoring platform, that significantly reduces the cost of content creation. It provides:

• 3D content pipeline to make it easy to bring in existing assets. With the NVIDIA Omniverse tools the 3D models can be imported from the live manufacturing data from the Siemens CAD systems.
• It allows for multi participant scenarios
• Accurate tracking of people, tools and props within the VR environment
• LMS integration
• After action review


CEO , Umajin

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