Bridging the "Valley of Death” in the World’s First Pocket-Sized AR Device Development

Jun 1

05:00 PM - 05:25 PM


This presentation will discuss the tools and strategies we developed to bridge the “Valley of Death” point, which many optics developers struggle with, using the example of the world’s first pocket-sized AR device development by our customer and partner.

The developers - Bobak Tavangar, the CEO of Brilliant Labs and Olga Resnik, a co-founder of Joya Team - will share the process insights and show how by use of extensive experience and expertise in AR systems we create a unique holistic development process that helps to define and reach development goals. They'll discuss calculated trade-offs, how to optimize for most important marketing parameters, use of engineering tools to create “virtual prototypes” and finally discuss the manufacture of “quick and valuable” prototypes in a well-established way to reach an affordable, manufacturable and use-case optimal product ready for market adoption.


Chief Architect & Integration , Joya Team
CEO , Brilliant Labs

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