Skaters Hack the World with Open Source AR

May 31

05:05 PM - 05:30 PM


Skateboarding translated to gameplay so well in the early-2000’s that Activison was often called, “The house that Tony built” due to the success of its Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise. While it was partly the endless trick-combos, THPS became a cultural phenomenon because it also tapped the creative freedom and ethos of this community. Yet for all its success, it only scratched the surface of the most intrinsic part of all—the ability to skate the world, itself. Augmented Reality changes that.

Skatrix is a new skate game leveraging AR to liberate players from predefined worlds to skate the actual world around us—at any scale. Come engage with skate legend, Rodney Mullen, renown AI Researcher, Bill Higgins and Skatrix’ visionary developer, Kasimir Lehto; you’ll get a taste of not only the mindset and tech behind all this, but a look into the unfolding possibilities, from integrating Ai to make the world shimmer with new ideas to using Skatrix as a creative tool in your own skating, and even to learn from pros, too.


Founder, Game Developer , Reality Crisis
Chair, IBM Open Innovation Community , IBM

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