Immersive 5G Applications on a City-Scale: Why Ecosystem Collaboration is Key to Scaling XR

May 31

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


Soon, we will be able to use 5G and visual positioning system (VPS) technology to create immersive applications in a city-scale environment. Such dynamic XR applications on city scale will rely on extreme wireless performance and network awareness. Jasmeet and Matias will emphasize and explain how Ericsson is collaborating with the XR startup ecosystem and players like Immersal via its Startup5G program to help creators and brands understand wireless network capabilities and to scale up these applications and create a vibrant XR ecosystem that can drive economic growth and enhance the user experience for everyone. They will also describe the interesting business potential of technology like 5G and VPS for location-based services, such as navigation and advertising in real world metaverse.


Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab , Ericsson
CEO , Immersal

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