How AI Will Transform Game Development

Jun 1

04:35 PM - 05:30 PM


AI is rapidly being adopted into game development, providing developers the ability to increase game quality and create new experiences for players, while dramatically reducing time and cost to market. This panel features leaders in the spaces of generative AI for game development, who are driving the next wave of AI technology that will transform how games are made moving forward. VerĂ³nica Orvalho, CEO & Founder of Didimo, an AI-based NPC and character generation platform, will lead a discussion on how their platform is helping game devs create thousands of unique, fully-animated characters for their worlds in a matter of hours. Emmanuel de Maistre, CEO and Co-Founder of Scenario, will share how his team is helping game titles generate high-quality assets at scale. And Kylan Gibbs, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Inworld AI will detail how they can bring advanced NPC behavior & unscripted dialogue to games. These leaders will discuss their visions for how game studios can use innovative AI tools to both greatly enhance upcoming projects and cut costs at the same time.


CEO , Zoe Immersive Inc
Co-founder & CEO , Scenario
CPO , Inworld AI
CEO and Founder , Didimo

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