Designing Emotionally Engaging XR: A Technology-Centered Approach to Accessible AR Experiences

Jun 2

02:05 PM - 02:30 PM


In this session, we will explore the design aspects of BenVision, an accessible AR experience utilizing a Technology-Centered Design approach. We will discuss the integration of Camera Vision and AI in AR and the role of soundscapes in shaping emotions within XR environments. Our speakers will share their expertise in developing an immersive and accessible experience for vision-impaired individuals.

Using BenVision as a case study, we will investigate how the project enhances the world's experiential appreciation for visually impaired individuals through sound. We will cover our approach to effectively conveying object presence using sound in AR glasses and address ambience, musical soundscapes, and spatial audio features. Additionally, we will discuss our methodology for categorizing object characteristics based on sound qualities.

The session will touch on design principles from both UX and audio perspectives, emphasizing best practices for creating accessible XR experiences that promote functionality and emotional connections. Attendees will gain insights into designing for technology and humanity in the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technologies like XR.


Audio Designer | Team Benvision , Velan Studios
Design Technologist, Scholar , DesignSingapore Council

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