NeRF: The Future of 3D Capture & Content Creation Emerges

Jun 2

02:30 PM - 02:55 PM


Over the last two decades, 3D capture has become a core technology used in nearly every field from architecture and construction, to VFX and gaming. In 2022, a novel machine learning technique called NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) became accessible and rapidly started shifting the way we approach 3D capture.

Originally introduced in a 2020 academic paper, NeRF first became accessible to creators when NVIDIA released their "Instant NGP" research tool two years later. In recent months, it has rapidly become a consumer-ready technology with platforms like Luma AI dramatically lowering the barrier of entry.

Using NeRF, anyone is now empowered to create stunningly detailed captures of scenes with unparalleled photorealism from simple photo or video input without requiring expensive specialized hardware. By leveraging emerging AI methodologies, it leapfrogs previous capture techniques while reducing the need for human labor resulting in a dramatic reduction in the cost of creating VFX-grade 3D scenes.

With its advanced capabilities and efficiency, NeRF is revolutionizing how industries think about 3D capture and enabling a future where anybody can capture truly immersive memories.


Managing Director , PropTech Consulting
Founder , Luma AI

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