AR Shopping: Create Realistic AR Try-On Experiences for Snapchat and Beyond

May 31

05:05 PM - 05:30 PM


More than half of consumers see shopping as the number one reason to use AR today, which means now is the time to revamp your company’s shopping experiences with AR in mind. Join Patrick Hadley, AR Shopping Technology Project Manger at Snap, to learn how you can start creating AR Try-On Lenses featuring realistic-looking jewelry and accessories. In this session, you’ll learn how to prototype and create unique Fashion AR Try-On Lenses quickly by using Lens Studio and AR templates. Create beautiful graphics by enabling reflections rendering with one click of a button. Plus, add gem rendering to bring even more realism to your Lenses. You’ll also learn how to deploy AR Lenses to Snapchat — where you can reach the more than 250M people who use AR daily — and to your own apps or websites using Camera Kit.


AR Shopping Product Manager , Snapchat
Creative Director / Owner , MousePack

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