Holograms vs Robots: The Race to Give ChatGPT a Face

Jun 2

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM


On their own, text-based LLM interfaces like ChatGPT can’t deliver exchanges that are akin to one person chatting with another person in the real world. They lack a face, a personality, and a physical presence with which to connect. But very soon, we won’t just be interacting with LLMs through a text prompt.The AIs that we will chat with will have a physical form. Will that form be built of real-world holograms or physical robots? Just as iPhones were the “container” for the mobile revolution, the race between holograms and emotional robots as the “containers” for the conversational AI revolution is heating up. This talk will touch on the early commercial examples of each.


Chief Executive Officer , Looking Glass

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