Melanie Hogue
Content Designer Microsoft

Melanie Hogue is an innovative storyteller with a background in journalism, technology, and XR. With a wealth of storytelling experience across various mediums and industries, she brings a unique perspective to her craft.

Currently serving as a Content Designer at Microsoft, Melanie focuses on Copilot and responsible AI. Prior to her tenure at Microsoft, Melanie held key roles, including consultant at X, the Moonshot Factory (Google-X), and Creative Strategist at an Emmy-nominated emerging tech studio. Notably, Melanie was selected for McClatchy’s second Storyteller in Residence program, where she explored innovative applications of photogrammetry in local newsrooms.

Melanie earned her M.A. from Stanford’s prestigious journalism program and a B.A. from Duke University. She is currently pursuing a second master’s degree from ASU’s Narrative and Emerging Media program, further enriching her understanding of narrative techniques and emerging media platforms.

As a first-generation American and student, Melanie is dedicated to crafting stories that capture hearts, provoke thought, and ignite imagination. Her projects range from comprehensive features on the aftermath of the Camp Fire, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as photogrammetry, 360-video, and drone footage, to pioneering innovative storytelling methods in the newsroom. Melanie consistently strives to find the best medium for each story, all while daring to push the boundaries of storytelling.