The Magic of Transformation: The Ability to Transform Systems!

Oct 24

16:15 - 16:40


We are in times of transition. The old no longer works as it used to and the new does not yet function as desired. On the one hand, this is the great challenge of our time, visible in all facets of our coexistence, on the other hand a great great opportunity. This lecture is a passionate plea to participate in the shaping of the the central issues of the future - and not just to a few decision-makers in politics and business.

Reza Razavi uses examples from the business world and a retrospective look at our history, how great transformations have occurred and also failed. In order for change we need to understand what transformation means. That it is not a top-down optimization of the same, but rather a process of participation and commonality. But where do we start? And who?

The so-called imagos play a special role in any transformation. What Imagos are and how they act and communicate, Reza Razavi vividly explains and makes you want to participate as an Imago in shaping the future.

With his books, workshops and lectures, Reza Razavi touches, moves and inspires people who want to initiate and drive change in companies.

In detail he conveys:

• Why we live in a world of change today and why that is good.
• Why change in business is the key to sustainable success.
• Why change is not a threat, but the path to success and fulfillment for every of each
• What conditions increase the chances of successful transformation?
• What are the do's and don'ts of a transformation ?
• Which paradigms promote/obstruct ?
• How do we get everyone in the same boat ?
• What does the cooperation model look like with which transformation can succeed?
• Why are own values important guard rails in a transformation?


National & International Speaker

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