Is XR Virtual Collaboration Right for your Workplace?


In this webinar, XR Consultant Charlie Fink and his guests are here to discuss virtual and augmented reality tools for remote collaboration, training, education and events. How can these tools help solve your remote work pain points? What does the future of work look like as things get back to normal and many of us return to the office again?

Charlie will give you the inside scoop on leveraging XR virtual collaboration in your workplace and provide an exclusive sneak peek at his upcoming AWE Academy course, the XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop.


Event took place on May 25 at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT


  • Ori Inbar, Cofounder of AWE & Super Ventures, will introduce your host, Charlie Fink
  • Presentation: Remote Collaboration & Virtual Conferences
  • Panel discussion
  • Debrief and discussion of AWE Academy course XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop
  • Q&A


Panel Partners