10 Jun 2024 | Nathan C Bowser
AWE 2024 Spotlight - Jocelyn Tan, Sisu VR
AWE USA 2024 Virtual Reality

For the last 15 years, Augmented World Expo (AWE) has been the global AR and VR event series where business innovation leaders can connect with their peers working in XR, learn actionable advice and case studies from leaders with real-world experience, and build hands-on familiarity (and partnerships) with the hundreds of spatial computing technologies on view in the AWE Expo Hall. 

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Meet the founder of Sisu VR - workplace training

In Finnish, "Sisu" means "grit, bravery, and resilience" and "hope in the face of adversity."

Sisu VR Inc. is an award-winning, minority and woman-owned company that offers world-class workplace training using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI.) Additionally, Sisu VR is a finalist in the AWE USA 2024 Start-up Pitch Competition.  

We spoke with founder, Jocelyn Tan, to learn more about her work in training and VR and what we can expect from Sisu VR during the 15th Anniversary AWE event.

Please introduce yourself and what you do in spatial computing.

After facing severe workplace misconduct, I founded Sisu VR to empower professionals to work with greater courage, respect, and empathy. Sisu VR’s mission is to cultivate safer and more inclusive workplaces through immersive HR, DEI, and safety training using VR and AI.

The company has been featured in domestic and international press (e.g., LA Times, Washington Post, NZZ, Protocol, HR Brew), and was selected as a Top 5 Finalist at the 2023 Auggie Awards for “Best B2B Enterprise Application” and “Best Societal Impact.” 
Additionally, Sisu VR has acquired multiple patents, and has published in major journals (e.g., MDPI, Springer). Our team consists of design, HR, and safety experts who have worked for multiple decades at companies, like Google, Bank of America, and HP.

How many AWE events have you attended over the last 15 years? 

2024 will be my second event! The diverse mix of creatives, techies, and decision-makers are what make AWE the most exciting conference of all time!  

What use cases for or applications of spatial computing get you fired up? Tell us why.

I’m most excited to see applications that address growing public safety concerns, such as workplace violence. For instance, we have safety training that prepares civilians on how to respond to an active shooting. It includes exercises to help users identify commonly used firearm sounds and where those sounds are spatially coming from during an active shooting scenario. 
Leveraging the Run-Hide-Fight technique from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the training employs a high level of interactivity to help users escape, conceal, and defend themselves during an attack. 
Furthermore, I’m looking forward to greater usage of VR and AI within soft-skills applications. For example, we are soon releasing a new HR Ethics Training, which features an ethical dilemma based on true events. 
Within the experience, the user undergoes an ethical challenge they must overcome in various first-person perspectives (e.g., a victim, observer). Not only are they able to interact with scenario characters using their actual voice, but they are also able to get real-time feedback on conversations using a novel AI-based conversation system implemented within the training. 

What is a breakthrough in XR that you’re working toward this year?

Learning how to code in XR has been perceived to be too difficult or time consuming. With our soon-to-be-released "Build Your Own Reality" toolkit, aspiring XR developers are able to quickly create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style experience with minimal to no coding experience! 
The program enables users of all skill levels to create their own immersive visual novel or role-playing experience that is VR/XR compatible. Our new tool is anticipated to make a notable impact in the creator and game development industry!

What are you hoping to learn at AWE? What questions are you bringing to ask others at the conference?

I’d like to try out more avante-garde XR-hardware and spend more time at the “playground” this year. 
I’ll be bringing questions, such as: “How are you currently leveraging VR and AI within your organization?” and “What are some use cases you are looking to implement in the next five years?”

Join Sisu VR at AWE’s 15th anniversary event!

With over 500 expert speakers and over 300 leading spatial technologies on view, AWE USA 2024 is an invaluable resource for any innovator looking to get ahead of the game with AR and VR technologies. 
Get your tickets today.

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