19 Jun 2024 | Sam Sprigg
Auggie Award Winners at AWE USA 2024
AWE USA 2024

The 15th anniversary of AWE marked a record year for the Auggie Awards (AKA "The Auggies") – AWE's long-standing XR industry awards. We received the highest ever number of nominations, and a new record number of finalists were also selected this year. Plus, with the addition of four brand new categories, we can proudly announce that the 2024 Auggies include the most winners ever too!

Without further ado, the winners of the 15th annual Auggie Awards from AWE USA 2024 are:

  1. Best Art or Film
    JFK Memento: An Immersive Chronicle of the Assassination – TARGO

  2. Best Campaign
    New Messi Chicken Sandwich x Hard Rock Café – CamOn XR

  3. Best Climate Change Solution
    SAMARitan – HENSOLDT Sensors

  4. Best Collaboration Tool
    Webex Hologram – Cisco

  5. Best Consumer App

  6. Best Content Creator(s)
    Between Realities

  7. Best Creator & Authoring Tool
    STYLY Studio – STYLY, Inc.

  8. Best Developer Tool
    8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment – Niantic

  9. Best Education & Training Solution
    Hyper-realistic Safety Training System (immerseLearn) – Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

  10. Best Enterprise Solution

  11. Best Game or Toy
    Kluest – Sons of a Bit Entertainment

  12. Best Headworn Device
    Meta Quest 3 – Meta

  13. Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution
    Hands-Only CPR VR – American Heart Association

  14. Best Indie Creator(s)
    3lb Games

  15. Best Interaction Product
    HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker – HTC VIVE

  16. Best Location-Based Entertainment
    Japantown Geospatial for Paper Tree Origami – Rock Paper Reality

  17. Best Societal Impact
    TouchKEY+ Multisensory Station – WEART

  18. Best Use of AI
    AI and Augmented Reality at Pfizer - ”Manufacturing AR Co-Pilot” – Pfizer

  19. Best Web3 Implementation
In addition to the above 19 categories (that anyone could submit their nominations for), there was also the winner of AWE's Startup Competition. This year's Startup to Watch award goes to Playbook XR.

Finally, there will be even more winners chosen at the event for the 'Best in Show' categories. Winners of these categories will be announced during the event wrap-up on Thursday, June 20, at 3:45 PM on the Main Stage, so make sure you check back on this blog, where we'll update these winners once they've been announced.

Huge congratulations to all of this year's Auggie Awards winners!

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