Barry Haughey
Artist/Educator/Founder Holo/Gen

Barry (aka Hawkie) is the Founder of HoloGen, a digital artist and STEAM educator with over 20 years of experience working in the UK and Irish education and youth work sectors. He has worked with a diverse range of young people and has been exploring and incorporating immersive technology, such as VR, into his education and creative practice since 2019. Hawkie has been recently selected for an Irish Government-funded entrepreneurial development programme and aims to continue exploring how existing education and youth organisations can connect with young people in safe and creative digital spaces using VR.


Oct 24

15:10 - 15:35


Rural Youthwork in VR, The Åland Islands Pilot 2023

Kasper Dreyer | SKUNK - Youth Voices in the Archipelago

Mia Hanström | SKUNK - Youth Voices in the Archipelago

Julia Strand | SKUNK - Youth Voices in the Archipelago

Barry Haughey | Holo/Gen