PD Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann
ARMED Heidelberg University Hospital

Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann is finding and designing solutions for victims of violence who have no direct access to forensic doctors. Dorothea is particularly passionate about the intersection of technology and social impact, and has been recognized for her work in this field. She is known for her dynamic speaking style and ability to make complex technology topics accessible and engaging to a wide range of audiences. Her talks often focus on the future of technology and its potential to create positive change in the world. In addition to her work as the Telemedicine Project Manager at Heidelberg University Hospital, Dorothea is also a part-time politician and full-time feminist and supports a number of causes related to education and women's empowerment. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, is a Faculty member of the University of Education in Heidelberg and excels both in teaching and research.


Oct 25

14:00 - 14:25


A New Chapter in Telemedicine: ARMED and IMPACT-AI

PD Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann | Heidelberg University Hospital