Isabella Williamson
Associate Director Consulum

Isabella Williamson is an emerging technologies strategist at Consulum, a government advisory firm dedicated to helping governments develop, lead and deliver positive programmes that successfully promote their global interests. She advises key public sector stakeholders in the GCC region on the implications of the Metaverse, Web3 and AI for their organization from a strategy, policy and communications perspective. She is the author of Consulum’s latest publication, “Enter the Metaverse: Time for governments to be bold – and choose wisely” and is conducting first-of-its-kind research into how governments are approaching the Metaverse.


Oct 25

13:00 - 14:05


(PANEL) Regulating the Future: What's Next for Metaverse Policy?

Patrick Grady | Metaverse EU

Isabella Williamson | Consulum

Juan Bossicard | Meta

Juliana Koza | Qualcomm

Joan V. O'Hara | XR Association

Anne Bajart | European Commission