Yacine Achiakh
CEO Wisear

Yacine holds a MSc in Management from ESSEC. He spent 6+ years as an AI Sr Product Manager at Criteo, one of the French first unicorns ever where he grew several products from 0 to $100 M / year.

Clocking hundreds of hours on games like Clash Royale and Warzone but also buying every new electronic devices as soon as they were out, Yacine has been deeply immersed in the ARVRXR initiatives.

This made him realize there was a gap to fill to create properly immersive and high-speed controls that would suit this new revolution. That's when he started Wisear, in 2019, with his co-founder Alain Sirois, ex-Criteo, who graduated in Neurotechnology. Since then Wisear, Yacine & Alain have pioneered and evangelized the advent of Neural-Interfaces in multiple conferences & research talk making them one of the growing names in this industry.


Oct 24

10:35 - 11:00