AJ "Dr Doom" Shewki
Co-Founder, CEO LIV

AJ 'Dr Doom' Shewki is the co-founder & CEO @ LIV, the world's leading VR & AR content creation platform. To date, LIV has integrated in >2800 applications and is used by all major game studios, headset makers and content creators. With over 3.5bn views driven to their videos already, you've likely seen their tech in action: Whether it's on YouTube through viral videos, or on shows such as Conan O'Brian and Jimmy Kimmel. We're on a mission to help people in VR & AR to share their favorite experiences with their friends, family and fans and even though we're six years in, we're only just getting started.

LIV is backed by leading games investors such as BITKRAFT, Hiro Capital Sony, Amazon, Samsung, Seedcamp, Credo Ventures and more.