Adam Wilson
CEO Polyform Studio

Product Designer & Startup Advisor: Specializing in Consumer Tech, GenZ, and Augmented Reality. 

Founder at Polyform Studio, where we transform great ideas into award winning digital products for the best brands & hottest startups. 

Over the course of my career I’ve been luck to ship a TON of consumer product: 

📲 100+ Consumer Products Shipped 

🌐 25+ Augmented Reality Apps 

📟 25+ Consumer Hardware Products  

⭐️ 50+ Awards & App Store Features 

🏆2 Emmy Nominations in 2020-21 (1 win) 

🤝 Select Clients: Nike, RTFKT, Disney, Shell, NBA, Red Bull, Amazon, Uniqlo, GE, Lululemon, Dell, Mercedes, NYSE, Verizon, Bloomberg, Activision, Olympics, and more.