Alba Collado
VR, AR & Metaverse Account Manager Grupo Mediapro

Alba is a dynamic leader in the realm of Extended Reality (XR) experiences. She is the Account Director of Visyon Grupo Mediapro. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of immersive technology, she has spearheaded numerous projects in the XR domain for different industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, and fashion.

She also has demonstrated experience in defining and implementing strategies with a high international Digital Marketing component. She brings a wealth of expertise in strategic consultancy, where she had the honor of collaborating with diverse organizations to shape and implement forward-thinking strategies. 

Beyond the corporate world, she has a profound connection with music and dance. She worked in the Music Festival sector. This unique sector, with its fusion of art, culture, and technology, resonates deeply with her passion for pushing creative boundaries. Through this, she has learned to appreciate the power of experiential events in forging unforgettable connections with audiences.

She is a regular speaker at Technology conferences. She is also a lecturer at CX Academy and Madrid Content School. She will always leap enthusiastically into the unknown to keep challenging herself and never stop learning.