Timmy Kokke
Senior WebXR Solutions Architect Wonderland Engine

Timmy is a seasoned software wizard with 3 decades of experience under his belt. He's a master of C#, JavaScript, and web technologies, and is a go-to expert for all things architecture. He's built a diverse portfolio of software, ranging from giant web portals and mobile apps to creating breathtaking 3D artist impressions and delving into the exciting world of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Timmy is a tech futurist with a keen interest in AI and graphics.

Currently, Timmy is working as a Senior WebXR Solutions Architect at Wonderland Engine, where he's helping game studios thrive on Wonderland and works on components for others. He's a community leader, having founded the WebXR NL meetup, and helps to keep the WebXR Discord community thriving. Timmy's expertise and contributions to the industry have been recognized by Microsoft, for which he received the MVP award for Mixed Reality.


Oct 24

10:05 - 10:30


How We Ported a Native Quest Game to WebXR

Timmy Kokke | Wonderland Engine

Jonathan Hale | Wonderland Engine