Daniel Colaianni
Chief Executive AIXR

Daniel is a visionary leader, passionate entrepreneur, and influential speaker with an exceptional background in immersive technology, marketing, and AI-driven business development. As the founder and CEO of AIXR, he has been instrumental in the company's mission to become the go-to platform for individuals and businesses utilizing AI and XR technologies. By fostering a vibrant network of like-minded individuals and expert-backed learning, he has led AIXR to become a powerful and essential tool for success in the metaverse movement.

In addition to his work at AIXR, Daniel co-founded the VR Awards, the largest international ceremony celebrating immersive content. He also previously ran a successful marketing agency, working with Brands such as Arsenal Football Club, Google and more, demonstrating exceptional prowess in managing comprehensive marketing budgets, creative direction, and campaign strategies for high-profile clients. His passion for technology and business acumen have made him a sought-after speaker and thought leader on AI and VR/AR technologies.

Daniel's extensive experience extends to a wide range of board memberships and leadership roles, all of which have contributed to his deep understanding of the AI and VR/AR landscape. As a board member for both Screen Skills and CIF in the UK, he actively contributes to the development and execution of education and talent initiatives that align with the UK government's mandate for creative career growth. Furthermore, Daniel played a pivotal role in establishing the groundbreaking metaverse development program on behalf of Saudi Aramco's "Ithra," delivering comprehensive technology training and setting up a world class innovation lab.

In addition to co-founding the prestigious VR Awards, Daniel serves as the esteemed Chair of the British Standards Institute's IST/31 Committee for Immersive Technology. In this influential role, he guides the group's direction, engages in high-level discussions with government stakeholders, and actively participates in ISO events. His efforts contribute to the development and implementation of global standards that shape the future of immersive technology, ensuring its safe, effective, and responsible use in the metaverse.

Daniel's expertise as a speaker and thought leader on AI and VR/AR technologies has been widely recognized in the industry. His engaging and informative talks offer valuable insights and inspiration for those interested in the rapidly evolving metaverse movement.


Oct 25

13:30 - 13:55