Rachel Bracker
Co-Founder, 360 Video Director & Editor Hungry Mantis

Rachel Bracker is the co-founder of Hungry Mantis- a 360°/virtual reality storytelling company. She has over five years of experience producing, filming, and editing 360° videos for training, education, and entertainment.

Rachel enjoys helping her clients learn about 360° video in order to strengthen their community outreach through the power of immersive storytelling. She has contributed her talents as a director, editor, and producer to a variety of 360° films covering topics as diverse as the world’s oldest drag queen to Canada’s first 100% Indigenous woman-owned airline. In addition to telling 360° stories, Rachel also loves teaching. She has facilitated 360°/VR workshops with several universities and film organizations in Oregon.


Oct 24

11:05 - 12:00


(PANEL) Entertainment & Culture and Technology: The State of the Austrian XR Scene

Stephanie Meisl | FULL Future Consulting

Rachel Bracker | Hungry Mantis

Gerda Leopold | Amilux Film

Alena Schmuck | Vienna Business Agency