Valentyn Volkov
Co-Founder XPANCEO

Valentyn S. Volkov, PhD, is an internationally renowned expert in the field of nanophotonics and advanced materials, with two decades of experience at leading universities and research centers. His contributions to the field have been substantial, with over 200 published papers and an impressive citation count exceeding 7000.

Valentyn’s research spans a wide range of topics in nanotechnology and materials science, including linear and nonlinear nano-optics, near-field optical microscopy and spectroscopy, plasmon-based nanophotonics, and integrated optics. He is particularly renowned for his pioneering work in nano-optics and the development of nanophotonic waveguide structures, including photonics integrated circuits based on low-dimensional and van der Waals materials. These results form the backbone for the development of XPANCEO smart lenses. His current research interests primarily focus on the field of graphene nanophotonics, 2D materials, sensing, biosensors, and functional 2D materials-based devices.

Quote: “At XPANCEO, our unique approach to Deep Tech startup creation involves a dedicated team of scientists collaborating closely with product managers. This enriches our common experience and significantly shortens the path from scientific discovery to product implementation. By integrating scientists into our team, we bridge the gap between discovery and product development more efficiently and effectively”


Oct 24

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