AWE Nite: Fundraising for XR Startups

This event took place on November 24, 2020. Please see below for the video and blog post of the event. 

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Are you a European founder building the next billion dollar company in XR or spatial computing? Are you looking for your first investor, or someone to lead your next round? Join this online session presented by HTC Vive X to hear from VC’s and founders who have experience of doing just that.


WHEN: November 24th, 9AM PST/12PM EST/ 5PM GMT

WHERE: Join through Zoom or Engage! New to Engage? Check out this tutorial on how to get started. 



We’ll be addressing questions such as: 
  • Investments trends in XR startups
  • Notable recent investments
  • What are VC’s looking for in XR right now?
  • How should you think about finding and pitching potential investors while most of Europe is still in lockdown?
  • At what stage is it worth approaching VC’s in the US? And are they looking at things differently in their market?
  • Do we expect the appetite for investing in this sector to increase or decrease in the next 12 months?
  • ...and your questions!

We will be leaving plenty of room for Q&A’s in the first hour and then jump to VR for the second hour to network and continue the conversation ‘in person’.

First hour panel discussion with panelists: Dave Haynes (Investor Vive X - UK), Niko Bonatsos (Investor General Catalyst), Matt Miesnieks (CEO - Acquired by Niantic), Ashley Flucas (angel investor), and moderated by Ori Inbar (Investor, Super Ventures)
Second hour we'll meet in EngageVR

Join to find out more about what companies Vive X is currently looking to fund in Europe. 
Separately you can join up for 1:1 office hours with Vive X’s Dave Haynes by going here

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