• Find inspiration through AWE's diverse community of XR artists and creators.
  • Set out on your Augmented or Virtual Reality creative journey and even find your AR/VR career.
  • Attend AWE's leading global XR conference and events series to discover the latest medium for creativity.
  • Benefit from an always-on community hub and connect with other AR/VR creators.
  • Utilize AWE's growing resource library to enhance your creative skills or find your next creative XR job.

Get your creative juices flowing and get inspired for your newest creative AR/VR project by joining the AWE community

Content is the foundation of the XR industry. Without engaging content for users to experience, enjoy and learn from, AR/VR hardware and technology would likely serve little purpose. This is why those making the content are key!

AWE offers a fantastic community and series of global events where artists and creators can gather to get inspired. Whether it is at one of AWE’s in-person conferences, or online through the awe.live portal, there is plenty of opportunity for creators to learn how to create incredible AR/VR experiences and discover a new virtual or augmented reality career. Get first-hand advice on how to best use the latest platforms and SDKs from the likes of Adobe, Epic Games, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Snap, Unity and more

Be a part of the world’s best AR/VR conference

When it comes to in-person events, AWE has something to offer everyone, from beginners, to those who are experienced in AR/VR content creation. Whether you are looking to get in on the birth of a new medium, discover and forge the future of storytelling, discuss advanced UI/UX standards and premium branded content with your peers or meet potential employers, AWE’s conference series is the best place for XR creators to learn, connect and grow.

AWE events cover everything from how to create VR content for gaming, to using augmented reality in marketing, with talks and panel discussions led by experts from leading companies and brands such as Niantic, Nestle, Live Nation, Sony and others. Attend talks from experts who will teach you how to create for platforms such as Instagram with Spark AR Studio and Snapchat with Lens Studio. Plus, with hands-on demos available on the showroom floor and at the AWE Playground, you’ll have everything you need to help get inspired for your next augmented or virtual reality creation.


Take advantage of AWE’s always-on XR community hub with awe.live

If events aren’t for you and you’d rather learn-by-doing from the comfort of your own home, then AWE offers its online awe.live platform, an always-on hub for the XR community. The awe.live platform is a place where creators can watch and listen to a wide variety of AR/VR-related video and podcast content, connect with exhibitors from across the industry and view their virtual booths, plus chat with other like minded individuals and schedule meetings as you grow your network of fellow creators to collaborate with.

The opportunities for creation are virtually limitless

As well as its in-person events and awe.live portal, AWE provides a range of resources for creators in the XR community, including:

Meetups in the form of the AWE Nite series where you can connect with fellow XR content creators and those looking to collaborate

Blog posts and how-to guides covering some of the best tools and platforms for people looking to get started in AR/VR content creation;

Attend workshops through the AWE Academy and enhance your development skills by learning from some of the most experienced instructors in the XR industry;

YouTube playlists for creators covering a variety of topics from AWE’s library of XR creation-related content from both its live and virtual events;

A vast pool of knowledge through carefully curated content, created by industry-leading experts and contributors.

If you are an experienced creator, or just starting out on your augmented or virtual reality content creation journey, AWE is the best place to get involved and learn how to hone your XR creation skills. Countless opportunities await AR/VR creators and by participating in AWE’s wider XR community, you’re guaranteed to get inspired and inspire others. With creation only limited by your imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless.