• Learn about the augmented and virtual reality investment landscape with AWE.
  • Discover the next best thing in XR technology and the ultimate opportunity to grow your portfolio.
  • Witness first-hand some of the best AR/VR start-ups with the brightest ideas at AWE's leading XR events.
  • Benefit from complimentary investor passes for AWE events in return for a couple of hours of mentorship.
  • Utilize the awe.live platform to spot new augmented or virtual reality investment opportunities.

Looking to invest in the next AR/VR Unicorn? Invest your time in AWE and gain priceless insight on the XR sector

If you’re an investor looking for the next unicorn in spatial computing, or you simply want to invest in XR-enabling technology, the AWE community is the best place for you to learn about the augmented and virtual reality investment landscape, as well as find out about the latest up and coming talent and trends in the augmented and virtual reality space. AWE provides investors with the perfect platform to discover the next best thing in XR technology, and the ultimate opportunity to grow your portfolio.

Capitalize on XR’s rapid growth by attending AWE’s in-person conferences

Every year, the biggest names in tech grace the stage and set up camp in the expo hall at AWE and yet the conference has remained a home for rising AR & VR startups, as well as a host to venture funds from around the world.

By attending one of AWE’s in-person events in the USA, Europe, or Asia, you’ll be getting a front-row seat to the latest in cutting edge XR technology emerging across the globe. Learn about the latest trends in the industry and get a feel for where the cash is flowing by simply walking the expo floor and witnessing first-hand some of the best AR/VR start-ups with the brightest ideas. Connect with the founders, developers and creators behind incredible XR projects, many of whom are actively looking for experienced investors to back their project.

AWE even has a carefully curated track dedicated entirely to investors, which covers topics such as investing in the Metaverse and how to gauge the XR market, as well as AWE’s Startup Pitch Competition and networking events.

Furthermore, AWE offers investors complimentary passes for its events, in return for investors promising to provide a couple of hours of mentorship to some of the many startups in attendance at the event and who are looking for guidance from knowledgeable investors.

Be a part of the growing XR ecosystem with awe.live

With the XR space set to become a 1 trillion dollar industry by 2030, AWE offers AR/VR investors the perfect environment to connect with companies and founders via its awe.live platform, an always-on XR community hub geared towards helping you identify XR projects worthy of your funds.

awe.live allows you to spot new augmented or virtual reality investment opportunities, network with other active investors in the space, and gain a diverse insight into the companies and startups creating the latest in immersive technology. You can use awe.live to view profiles of both companies and individuals, and to start conversations or schedule virtual meetings with people to learn even more about how their product/idea/solution might be the next big thing in XR.

Take advantage of AWE’s resources for Investors

As well as its in-person events and awe.live portal, AWE offers a wide range of resources to help investors, including:

Attend investor workshops through the AWE Academy led by experienced and knowledgeable venture capitalists who specialize in the AR/VR industry. Learn some of the best ways to go about identifying potential investment opportunities, carrying out your due diligence, and knowing when something in the XR space could be worth your time and money;

Attend meetups with AWE Nites and use them as an entry point to connecting with new startups and founders looking to secure funding;

AWE provides an ecosystem in which startups are actively seeking mentorship and advice on best practices & legal topics from knowledgeable investors, providing the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your next potential investment opportunity.

Gain insight from AWE’s AR/VR-related blog posts and learn where you can divert your investment efforts in order to get in early on some of the latest industry trends;

Learn about some of the best startups in the XR industry to keep an eye on through AWE’s Startup Pitch Competition and the winner of the Startup to Watch Auggie Award.

Individuals and companies from across the XR industry gather in AWE’s community to learn, connect and grow. As an investor, countless opportunities await when you take part in AWE.