• Stay up to date and well informed on the latest XR industry announcements through the AWE community.
  • Attend AWE's leading global XR conferences for fresh coverage of the latest AR and VR breakthroughs and innovations.
  • Get access to a constant stream of newsworthy content via AWE’s 24/7/365 awe.live platform.
  • Connect directly with the hottest XR companies and find the right contacts for interviews, announcements, and more.
  • Utilize AWE's growing resource library for the best rundown of the latest happenings in the XR industry.

Be a part of the most exciting XR industry event and get the best coverage on the latest AR/VR technological trends by attending AWE

News from the AWE community continually packs the front pages and technology sections of major publications like CNET, Engadget, TechCrunch, and SiliconANGLE, with new products and fresh announcements from the leading companies in augmented and virtual reality being announced all the time.

It’s not just XR news outlets that should be intrigued though. Journalists covering the latest technological trends across verticals such as automotive, retail, engineering, healthcare, marketing, aerospace, gaming, manufacturing, entertainment, and many more should be following what is happening in the AWE community. The easiest way to stay up to date and well informed is to get involved with the community directly. For members of the press covering anything tech-related, being a part of the AWE community is an absolute must!

XR! XR! Read all about it!

AWE puts on the leading global XR conference series every year, with hundreds of press and analysts from outlets including Forbes, GameDev, Next Reality, USA Today, Variety, Venture Beat, ZDNet and more, flocking to these essential AR/VR conferences to cover the latest announcements and news. When you attend AWE’s in-person events as a journalist, you are guaranteed to come away with the beat on the immersive technology industry, fresh coverage of the latest breakthroughs and innovations, and illuminating profiles of rising startups.

There is also a press preview event at the start of every AWE USA conference, which provides exclusive access to the expo to members of the press one hour before things open up to the public. Join a tour of the exhibition floor (also live-streamed on YouTube for press who are unable to attend in person) and get a preview of the main announcements from some of the biggest names in the industry, all before the crowds start to pack out the event.

Members of the press covering the augmented, virtual and mixed reality spaces do not want to miss out on these events. With press passes available to eligible attendees, AWE will put you in front of leading companies from around the world who are working on the bleeding edge of spatial computing technology. Witness first-hand some of the most exciting tech announcements of the year, get hands-on with the coolest new XR gadgets, and ensure that you have the latest stories to share with your audience when you attend.

Finally, post-event, news coverage and key announcements are captured and collated by AWE, providing a constant reminder to AWE community members and readers of the event, leading to your news outlet’s coverage.

Re-watch yesterday’s content for today’s latest news piece

It is not just AWE’s face-to-face events that provide journalists with a fresh source of stories. AWE’s 24/7/365 online platform awe.live also offers a constant stream of newsworthy content. The platform allows for the re-watching of talks and panel discussions that might have been missed on the day, enabling journalists to get a detailed write-up on a specific topic, dig out that perfect quote from a keynote speaker, or simply learn more about an area of interest within the XR space.

Plus, awe.live allows you to connect directly with the companies you are covering via the platform’s virtual exhibitor booths, allowing you to find the right contact at some of the XR industry’s leading organizations. From there, you can strike up a conversation or schedule a virtual interview to help build your story. Companies can themselves reach out to you too and contact you about sharing their upcoming announcements, giving you the opportunity to be the one to break the story first.

Resources for your news sources

As well as its in-person events and awe.live portal, AWE offers a wide range of resources to help journalists and members of the press, including:

An ever-expanding library of YouTube videos covering a variety of topics from AWE’s live and virtual event talks and panel discussions;

A vast pool of knowledge through carefully curated content in the form of blog posts, newsletters and podcasts created by industry-leading experts and contributors;

The AWE Weekly Spatial newsletter covering the week’s most important news announcements, as well as the Monthly Spatial news recap, both providing the best rundown of the latest happenings in the XR industry;

AWE Nite meetups where you can connect with XR companies and professionals and figure out the title of your next augmented or virtual reality news article.

The AWE community is truly one of the best places to learn about the latest news and trends in the XR industry, connect with startups and businesses to find out about the latest products and upcoming releases, and grow your audience and reader base by reporting on the growing list of events and announcements that are happening within the AWE crowd.