• Put your product in front of thousands of eyes across the XR industry at AWE's leading global XR conferences.
  • Showcase your Augmented or Virtual Reality solution to an audience with an appetite for it.
  • Solidify your presence as an AR/VR product leader by engaging with AWE's active global community.
  • Have a year-round exhibitor presence on the leading XR community portal through awe.live.
  • Utilize AWE's growing resource library to raise awareness of your product and extend your organization's reach.

Showcase your AR/VR innovations directly to an audience in-the-know

For those paving the way with leading augmented and virtual reality technology, there is no better platform than AWE to get thousands of eyes and hands on your product or solution. Product leaders in AR/VR and peripheral technologies participate in AWE’s community to network with the entire spatial computing ecosystem, including other hardware/software providers, end users, developers, creators and strategic partners.

Generate some buzz for your industry-leading products at AWE’s leading XR events

From the stage to the expo floor, make your mobile AR application, heads-up display, interaction tool, content creation platform or VR innovation the star of the show at one of AWE’s global XR industry conferences. Some of the biggest names in tech participate at AWE every year, showcasing their solutions to the thousands of XR professionals in attendance.

As a product leader at AWE’s events, you’ll have the perfect platform from which you can launch your company’s new product, announce new features, or showcase your existing XR industry leadership. AWE’s conferences will provide you with an opportunity to make your announcements through a range of carefully curated tracks and talks, as well as showcase your XR solutions through the show floor with your own booth.

Anyone with an appetite for your product can be given the chance to get hands-on with things on the AWE expo floor, offering you and your company one of the best ways to get people excited about your latest AR/VR solution - by letting people try it out for themselves. Plus, there is always the opportunity to generate even more buzz around your launch or announcement when you get noticed by top press who are in attendance, including the likes of Forbes, Variety, The Verge, VentureBeat, and ZDNet.

Ensure a constant presence on the leading XR community hub with awe.live

AWE also offers an alternative to its in-person events through its awe.live platform, an always-on hub for the XR community. Through awe.live, product leaders across the XR landscape can showcase their solutions to potential end users, network with professionals and experts across the fields of augmented, virtual and mixed reality, and connect with business partners looking to benefit from your company’s leading XR offering.

The awe.live platform allows for the creation of a virtual booth for your company, enabling you to have a presence directly in front of the thousands of members of the AWE community, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By getting set up in awe.live, you will be putting your product or solution before the eyes of the many XR professionals who use the platform as their go-to XR industry resource. This could include enterprise end users and buyers, other users actively searching for the right solution to fulfill their AR or VR requirements, or companies looking to connect and collaborate to further innovate in the field of XR technology.

Resources for product leaders from the XR community leader

As well as its face-to-face AR/VR industry conferences and awe.live portal, AWE offers a wide range of resources to aid product leaders in the XR space, including:

A vast pool of knowledge and carefully curated content in the form of blog posts, buyers guides, newsletters and podcasts created by industry-leading experts and contributors;

AWE Nite meetups where you can showcase your solutions, connect with XR companies and professionals and network with the local AWE community;

Opportunities for promotion within AWE’s YouTube content, affiliated podcast content on the awe.live portal, enabling you and your organization to further inform potential end users of the solutions you offer;

The AWE Weekly Spatial newsletter covering the week’s most important news announcements, as well as the Monthly Spatial news recap, both providing the best rundown of the latest XR products and solutions are driving the XR industry forward.

For any companies in the business of creating leading hardware or software solutions for the augmented and virtual reality space, AWE’s XR community is the best place to position yourself as a product leader. Being a part of the AWE community enables you to discover the wider XR community’s appetite for how your consumer or enterprise XR products can be used across the entire spectrum of industries benefiting from augmented and virtual reality technology.