AWE Nite: XR Startup Showcase

This event took place on January 20, 2021. Please see below for the video of the event, and keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post.

7 promising XR startups freshly graduated from AWE Academy's 6-week intensive Fundraising course and are now ready for their closeup. Join this online meetup to hear their pitches and provide your friendly feedback!

The cohort includes startups from around the world with a variety of use cases from consumer to enterprise, from infrastructure to apps, and from games to saving lives. If you are into AR or VR - there will be something for you.

The meetup is a celebration of everything that startups represent: the “a-ha” moment, the team formation, the company generation, first milestones such as an MVP, first customers or revenue. It’s about the pure grit, drive and determination that founders go through to create something new and innovative, and, hopefully, something with the right product-market fit that will go on to lead in the AR and VR industries.


Join us for AWE Nite: XR Startup Showcase where you'll get introduced to 7 fantastic XR startups 



Wednesday March 3 at 12pm EST / 9am PST / 5pm GMT


Join through Zoom, link provided upon registration.


Your host, Ori Inbar, will introduce these 7 XR startups and each will have 5 minutes to pitch followed by quick feedback by the audience.
  • Vision Solutions AR, Augmented Reality Software for Industrial Fire Protection and Risk Management - Michael Ferreira (CoFounder and COO)
  • Winquest - Christopher Faraguna (Founder and CEO)
  • Spree Interactive, The Disney of Out-Of-Home Multiplayer VR Entertainment - Jonathan Nowak Delgado (CoFounder and CEO)
  • FactualVR, HyperTunnel: Teleporting Experts Anywhere - Eduardo Neeter (Founder and CEO)
  • XR Thinking, The simplest way to design augmented reality ideas - Vincent Trastour (Founder and CEO)
  • BuzzAR, Immersive guides for your technical undertakings - Vladimir Beliavski (CoFounder and CEO)
  • Mawari, Seamless 3D-Streaming for Interactive AR - Luis Ramirez (Cofounder and CEO)





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