Elizabeth Baron
VR Innovator of Realistic Immersive Digital Twins for Automotive

Elizabeth Baron transformed the automotive product development process during her 30-year tenure at Ford. Joining in 1988, she led the development of Ford's VR systems, notably inventing the Ford immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) – a realistic immersive ray-traced virtual environment based on data with engineering integrity that allows designers and engineers to fully experience and study the interior and exterior of a vehicle during the product development process. She was the first to embed immersive evaluations based on a digital twin as a standard part of the product development process in automotive. Despite stereo blindness, she envisioned and implemented cutting-edge VR solutions, earning her the Dr. Haren Gandhi Research and Innovation Award. After leaving Ford in 2018, Baron founded Immersionary Enterprises, focusing on cross-functional communication through immersive reality based on a holistic digital twin. With vast experience and accolades, she continues to shape the immersive technology industry.