Bruce Thomas
Creator of ARQuake - the First Outdoor AR Game

Bruce Thomas, a key figure in augmented reality at the University of South Australia, co-developed 'ARQuake' with Wayne Piekarski, a first of its kind AR gaming system that emerged in the late 1990s. Thomas and Piekarski also attempted to commercialize ‘Tinmith,’ an AR headset and backpack developed in the early 2000s. This pioneering work set new benchmarks for interactive AR experiences.

Thomas' expertise in wearable AR technology has been instrumental in enhancing its practical applications across various sectors like education, healthcare, and entertainment. He has contributed extensively to AR research, publishing numerous papers that have helped to broaden the understanding of AR technology.

His groundbreaking work has earned him several accolades, cementing his status as an innovator in the AR field. Thomas continues to shape the AR landscape through his innovative research and advocacy from the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia.