Babak Parviz
Google Glass Pioneer

Babak Parviz started his journey in the XR space by developing contact lenses with embedded display components in 2004. He founded and led the Google Glass project, a landmark in wearable technology. His contributions at Google began in 2010, leading a team that developed one of the first widely recognized XR+AI headsets.
Parviz' innovation with Google Glass set a new direction in the field of XR, blending technology with daily life in a seamless manner. Despite critical reception from the public, the Google Glass project marked an essential milestone in the journey of spatial computing, placing the technology firmly in the public eye, and helping to spark conversations about the future of wearable technology and its societal impacts.
Parviz was also a vice president at Amazon leading the company into new areas including healthcare (machine learning, services, …), remote presence and experiential e-commerce, and smart eyewear (Echo Frames). He continues to innovate in the technology sector, focusing on advancing artificial intelligence.