Jeri Ellsworth
AR Glasses Pioneer, Tilt Five Founder and CEO

Jeri Ellsworth's career, from race car builder to CEO of Tilt Five, exemplifies innovation, passion and perseverance. Her early work in hardware design laid the foundation for her ventures in augmented reality. She fit an entire Commodore 64 into one of its iconic joysticks.

Her combined passion for gaming and invention has fueled the creation of many cutting edge technologies at companies such as Valve and CastAR, culminating in the creation of Tilt Five, the world’s first augmented reality tabletop gaming system. The Tilt Five system redefines interactive play by blending digital and physical worlds, and to date has sold tens of thousands of units to tabletop gaming fans around the globe.

Ellsworth’s vision for the future of gaming not only drives innovation for the entire Tilt Five team, but has also helped to push boundaries in AR, making significant contributions to the field and enhancing gaming experiences worldwide.