Joanna Popper
Award-Winning Executive, Innovator, Storyteller and Producer

Joanna Popper stands as a pivotal figure in blending Hollywood creativity with Silicon Valley innovation, significantly impacting the XR landscape. Her leadership in HP’s XR initiatives led to the launch of groundbreaking technology, including the HP Reverb G2, earning accolades like VR Headset of the Year. Her leadership as CAA's Chief Metaverse Officer she bridged these worlds at a time when Artificial Intelligence was taking Hollywood by storm. As an executive producer, her projects such as “Breonna’s Garden,” “Finding Pandora X,” "Fight Back" and "Master of Light" have garnered numerous awards, showcasing her talent in working with best-in-class Creatives producing content that resonates deeply with audiences and creates positive impact. She is a fervent advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility in the XR industry, shaping industry-wide conversations and initiatives. Her work has not only been recognized within the industry, being selected for prestigious lists and advisory boards, but has also made substantial contributions to advancing XR content, technology, and its ecosystem. Popper's influence spans global brands, shaping their entry into the metaverse, and championing XR’s role in storytelling, marketing, and beyond.