Steve Mann
AR Glasses Pioneer and "Father of Wearable Computing"

Steve Mann, often labeled the "Father of Wearable Computing", is a pioneer in wearable computing and augmented reality. He is best known for inventing the “EyeTap” technology in 1984, a device that predates and informs the development of modern AR glasses. The device even made global headlines after an incident in a Paris McDonalds in 2012 and was dubbed "the world's first cybernetic hate crime" after he was assaulted for wearing a camera device.


Mann’s work, spanning over four decades, has laid the foundation for wearable computing, blending human vision with digital information. His innovative approach to personal imaging systems has not only contributed to the evolution of AR but also inspired subsequent generations of AR devices. His advocacy for privacy (which he coined as “sousveillance”), along with his technological contributions, has sparked important discussions on the ethical implications of wearable tech.